About this weblog

This is a system update and notification weblog from the Technical Support Team at DataGate Ltd.

It is deliberately not hosted on any DataGate system that allows us to notify and update our customers about the status of our systems even if they are all down.

About DataGate

DataGate exists to provide the highest quality of Business Hosting and Hosted Application Solutions to successful businesses. Our focus is primarily within the UK and across Europe. We pride ourselves on the calibre of our 24.7 support and our bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Since 1997, DataGate has been delivering on its promises. With customers in 15 countries across Europe, the USA and the Middle East – including Microsoft, BAE, the Police, Mathmos, Red Dwarf and many more – we value our reputation as a quality out-sourcing provider.

We have established a strong business by delivering solutions that closely match your needs. Whilst the future cannot always be accurately predicted, we recognise that your business will grow and take great care to ensure that tomorrow’s needs are not excluded by today’s proposals.

Innovative thinking is a must to succeed in any highly-competitive marketplace. Our bespoke proposals are based on an understanding your business requirements and combined with our speed and flexibility, we can help power your on-line business to success.

We have forged strategic bonds with Level(3), Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Red Hat and Ensim. Combined with our considerable in-house expertise, managed services, firewall and back-up solutions, DataGate is a powerful choice for out-sourcing, giving you peace-of-mind and freeing you to focus on your core business.


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